Splurge vs. Steal 

Who doesn’t love bargains? As much as I’d love to buy high ends makeup products I can’t but I can get products just like the high end stuff for wat cheaper!  

  1.  This Covergirl is basically the same as Makeup forever! 
  3. Look the the dupe lipstick          
  4. Blush for only $3! Umm yes please     
  5.  Your saving $11 here in eyeliner

Vaseline?!? Who knew!

Vaseline is cheap and inexpensive! here are some interesting uses of Vaseline for beauty!

  1. Use in place of shaving cream
  2. Keeps cuticles soft
  3. Smooth skin after shaving
  4. Tame unruly eyebrows
  5. Moisture dry hands
  6. Keep lipstick off teeth
  7. Make eye shadow last longer
  8. Gloss lips
  9. Use with blush
  10. Slick back stray hairs in ponytails
  11. Hydrate dimples
  12. Make perfume last longer
  13. Lengthen and thicken eyelashes

Supermodels?!? I THINK NOT

throughtout history magazine, TV, movies, ect. have bombarded us with the “perfect woman”. She is tall, very thin, blond hair, blue eye, almost Barbie looking but what they dont tell you is that they is almost unhealthy how thin she is.

After woman see this “perfect woman” they want to transform themselves into this “woman!” Those woman have been photoshopped to look perfect almost fake looking. Don’t get me wrong, they are pretty but TV and magazines should have more relastic woman!  Don’t let magazines get to you! They are the ones disrespecting woman but showing people what the “perfect woman” is! 

Most woman are not made like supermodel but people should have respect for every body shape, type, and color! Every body is beautiful! 


Breakfast? Breakfast? 

Raise your hand if you eat breakfast?!(🙋🏼) yeah that’s what I though. Many people do not eat breakfast! They say that they were busy and had to go to work! Every day I try to eat breakfast. No matter what it is; pancakes, waffles, eggs, french toast, ect. 

Breakfast is the most important meal of day. It provides you with the most energy and nutrients that help you concentrate! It’s helps you lose weight and lower cholesterol! 

 Try to eat breakfast everyday and you will notice that you have more energy!