The Power of Makeup

Millions of girls around the world love to play around and experiment with clothes and makeup. Unfortunately, the common misconception is that the only reason girls put so much effort into looking cute is because they’re insecure and want to impress boys. As we all know, that’s totally FALSE. Looking good on the outside makes you feel more confident on the inside, which allows you to face the world as your best self. It’s not just about what others think. “Makeup shaming” is the term for putting a girl down and calling her insecure because she wears a lot of makeup. It’s just another example of girls facing a double standard—if you don’t wear makeup you can be criticized just as easily as if you do.  Check out the power of makeup video

How to Rock Red Lips

  • Accept that there isn’t one perfect shade of red for every girl. There are so many shades of red lipstick, there’s no way just one can be perfect for every skin tone. The best way to find yours is to try on as many as possible, take a look in the mirror and decide which shade(s) makes you look fresher, brighter and more radiant. Snap pics on your phone to compare shades and ask for help from a saleswoman if you feel like you’re striking out.
  • Don’t over do it. When wearing a red lip, the rest of your makeup should be casual and simple. A lot of eye makeup will not only make you look like a circus clown, but it’ll also make you look older—and not in a good way. Bottom line: don’t go overboard
  • Smooth out your lips. Red lipstick can draw attention to chapped lips, which you def don’t want to be exaggerated. Rubbing your lips in circular motion with a soft toothbrush will remove dead skin and prep your lips for lipstick. Your pout will pop for all the right reasons if it’s smooth and soft before you apply color.
  • Outline your lips with a highlighter. Make your lips really pop by applying a light concealer or highlighter around the center of your mouth. Softly blend the outer edges of the lines for a natural look. This will draw the attention to your lips and create a beautiful contrast between your red lip and natural skin tone.
  • Add lip liner. Lip liner works to fill the grooves of your lips, providing a totally smooth canvas for the lipstick. Trace the inner edges of your lips with liner to give a more defined line. Then, fill in the rest of your lips with the liner and apply a smooth, even coat of lipstick over it. Rub your lips together, blot away the extra lipstick, and voila! You’re ready to show off your awesome red lipstick wherever you’re headed.

Makeup Habits that could Make you Sick!

Sharing makeup with your girls

Realizing you forgot your fave lipstick when you’re out can be super annoying (and inconvenient), but you might want to think twice before asking to use your BFF’s lippie. Sharing lip products can transfer viral infections like conjunctivitis, cold sores and even staph infections…yikes. It’s better to brave the bare lip than to risk all that nastiness.

Using old makeup

It’s hard to part ways with your best go-to beauty product, especially when it’s expensive or you can’t remember where you got it. Believe it or not, though, using expired makeup can irritate skin or even cause infections like pinkeye. Wet makeup can go bad within 6 months and powders go bad within a year. With that being said, eyeliner and mascara are the most likely to grow bacteria, so toss ’em after three months.

Applying eyeliner to your waterline

We all love a dramatic smoky eye, but there is such a thing as going too far. Applying eyeliner on your inner eye rims, or behind your lash line, can lead to clogged oil glands and eye infections. It’s best to keep your products as far away from your actual eye as possible so you don’t introduce foreign bacteria.

Snoozing with your makeup on

Sometimes all you want to do is hit the sheets when you get home. We totally get it. But not only does sleeping in makeup clog your pores and cause breakouts, it can also lead to eye infections. As you toss and turn while catching zzz’s, particles of makeup that contain oils and waxes can make their way into your eye. Do it too often and you can wake up with bumps around your eyes or even a stye—and those babies hurt.

Summer 2015 Makeup Products You HAVE to Try!

These are the best 2015 makeup products (in my opinion)

Glam Up Your Glow! 

Get Gilded 

  • A copper eye smolder a against sun kisses skin! Run a creamy stick liner underneath or lower lash line or mix bronzer shadows for a neutral smoky eye! Stunning!

Try the Bonnie Bell Eye Shadow Stick in Bronze Shimmer. $4 Bonne bells website 

 Girl on fire

  • What’s a guaranteed way to look HOT? A fiery lip shade that will heat up your pout and provide cool contrast to golden skin! 

Try the Topshade Mac Lipstick Flaming Lips. $20 Flaming lips  


    Splurge vs. Steal 

    Who doesn’t love bargains? As much as I’d love to buy high ends makeup products I can’t but I can get products just like the high end stuff for wat cheaper!  

    1.  This Covergirl is basically the same as Makeup forever! 
    3. Look the the dupe lipstick          
    4. Blush for only $3! Umm yes please     
    5.  Your saving $11 here in eyeliner