You Love: Mayo

Instead Try: Avocados

It’s hard to resist the creamy richness of mayonnaise…until you realize that you can get the same effect (and even better taste) with fresh avocados! You’ll save tons of sodium, cholesterol, saturated fat, and calories while adding fiber and potassium to your snack or sammie. For even more flavor, mash up the superfood with some lime, cilantro, and tomatoes for a great-for-you guac.


You Love: Maple syrup

Instead Try: Peanut butter

Just two ounces of pancake syrup contains 36 grams of sugar- that’s like eating two full candy bars! Boost your breakfast by topping your faves with peanut butter. It’s not exactly a health food, but PB is a sweet treat that gives ya a nice dose of healthy fats and vitamins. Opt for the crunchy kind to really indulge!


You Love: Ketchup

Instead Try: Fresh tomatoes, salsa or hot sauce

What’s the catch with Ketchup? Surprisingly, sugar! Even worse, America’s favorite sauce barely has any nutritious vitamins and minerals that your body needs. But fresh tomatoes, salsa, or even hot sauce can all take ketchup’s place. Your bod will thank you (and so will your taste buds).

You Love: Jam

Instead Try: Fresh fruit

Toast, waffles, sammies…so many foods go perfectly with fruity sweetness. But jams and jellys are among the sauces slipping you unnecessary sugars. Try fresh fruit instead. Or try heating up your fave fruits with a pinch of sugar for your own, healthier version of the sweet sauce.


You Love: Creamy salad dressings

Instead Try: Oil & vinegar

Whether you’re dressing your burger or dipping fresh veggies, creamy salad dressings are go-to food toppers. But just because they’ve got “salad” in the name, doesn’t mean they’re healthy! In fact, most dressings are super high in fat, calories, and even sugar. Just one serving of Ranch has about a quarter of your recommended daily fat intake- and that’s a lot for a little bit of sauce. So skip the thick and go for a lighter, just as delish alternative. Mix up some oil, vinegar and your fave spices—yum!

Which topping swap are you going to try?

Lazy Girl Fitness Hacks

We all say that we wanna get abs or leg muscle. We say that we are going to work out everyday but 90% of the time it doesn’t happen. We wanna eat right, lose weight, go outside, relax, study, shower, and sleep and in the same day but how?!? We’re not superwoman! We can’t do everything in one day but we can excerise throughout the day periodically! Here are some tips on excerising whenever wherever! 

  1.   Do a wall squat when your brushing your teeth
  2.  Do 20 push-ups when you wake up
  3.  Plank when watching tv
  4.  25 jumping jacks after lunch or dinner
  5. 30 calf raises after you shower

 there are some more tips Here!

Quick Tricks to Feeling Fab

  • start sipping water in the a.m. As soon as you wake up drink a glass of water.  dehydration can zap energy making your skin look tired and cause you to overeat! 
  • Work in many workouts. Best way to beat the blahhh? Sit on the floor, bend your knees and wrap your arms around them lean back, let’s go and roll. Usually have to pull yourself up. Repeat 8 to 10 times
  • Beat bugs with tea. Brew a cup of immunity boosting Tea. boil the water and pour into a mug. Plopping in the tea bag and steep for the next  five minutes. PS skip the milk which  can mix the benefits of the brew
  • Avoid sweatpants syndrome. Wearing comfy clothes is in the best if you’re trying to get it. So switch your sweatpants for skinny jeans in your look and feel fab
  • I do a days worth of sitting. Long days in class and work, send you into a slump. literally step into a door wall and place your hands on the frame. Stick your chest out and hold it for 15 seconds letting your back straighten. Instantly taller

Stress relief? Running? Whatt?!

Okay. So I know this blog is based on beauty and beauty products but stress relief is almost beauty. Too much stress on your body can cause acne and weight loss!  Who even wants UNHEALTHY weight loss and acne? Don’t be thinking that if you want to lose weight, you should be stressed out! NO. If you want to lose weight healthily, please diet and excerise.  

Stress can be cause by a multiple of things: school work, a test, a big job interview, a competition, ect. I know stress gets to you (it gets to me too) but don’t always let yourself be stressed out! 

Try to go for a run! Yes.. I said the r word. RUN! Running helps to clear your mind and when you run you will feel more free! It helps to clear your mind because you focus on your breathing and music ( if you listen to it)  

If you know know how to properly run check out this website..

Running helps you stay in shape. It burns fat and builds muscle which everyone want! It’s an easy activity to do. I understand that some people hate running but just try it out and comment down below if you tried running for stress relief?


  • All you need to buy to run are a good pair of running shoes, which you can buy from Dicks or Dunhams which come if a variety of sizes, colors, and brands!