omg guys! Warsaw is so pretty! It reminds me of Hollywood or Chicago because it’s so crowded and full of activity! We spent two night in Warsaw and now we’re on our way to a small town (idk it’s name😁) but it’s a few hours away so we’re riding in a bus! 

In Warsaw we saw the old town which the Germans bombed during WWII. The old town has been rebuilt and it looks so cool! It’s almost like Holland, Michigan! Its painted old colors and it has a homely feel to it!  

Warsaw and Poland alone has so much history to it! From who the king or queen was to who bombed the towns it’s all important in this country! This is now Day 3 of our tour and I don’t wanna leave! I love Poland now but I gotta work on my Polish! 

-Do Widzenia-


Day 1: Paris/Poland 

right now it’s July 17th at 9:00 am. WOW! Back home it’s 3:00 am! We’re on our way now to Warsaw, Poland ( on our plane) where my family and I will be taking a tour around Poland. After the tour we will go to Paris. 

  Our first flight landed in Paris. That was a long, long, long flight. Almost 8 hours of sitting! I bacically watched TV and listened to music! I could not fall asleep for the life of me. When we arrived in Paris I was overjoyed it was so cool for the 20 minutes I spent in the airport😂(we will be back to explore the entire city after our tour)  but it was different…. people talked French fast and I kinda just nodded my head and smiled at them, there was no airconditioning in the airport, and terminals were set up different but we made it to our connecting flight to Warsaw! 

In Warsaw my dad led us to our hotel room and we got settled into our hotel room only finding out that I have to sleep on a cot! A cot because Europe rooms do not have double queen beds! Darn it! Idk how comfy it is, I’ll back with you on that tomorrow!  

My mom anted to explore so of course we did! We saw old churches, and statues and monuments! That was super fun until we realized that we were lost 😦 we had to have people help us find our way and luckily my father speaks Polish! After about a 4 mile walk😮😁 we arrived at our hotel safe but tired! We ended out night with dinner and soon enough to I’ll fall asleep!