Beauty tips to get you through summer!!! 

Summer is here and sadly for me.. It’s cool out, almost 73 degrees! But for the other viewers here are some beauty hacks to get you through summer!!

  1. Freeze aloe verde in ice cube trays for instant sunburn relief!
  2. Make lipgloss out of melted lipgloss!Nothing is worse than coming back to your hot car and discovering your makeup melted. Salvage the lipstick with this Trick.
  3. Avoid powdering your face to hide sweat. Instead, carry oil-blotting sheets to keep pores from clogging. 
  4. Have a go-to silk scarf on hand for a quick and stylish updo on hot summer days.
  5. Place pantyliners in silk shirts to hide sweat.On hot summer days, no one can avoid sweating. To prevent sweat stains, stick panty liners in the armpits of shirts. See how to do this Here

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