Do you have a true friend? 

Friends come in many directions. 7th grade friends, high school friends, work friends but are they your true friends? 

You know when you have a true friend when:

  1. You have a matter of trust with them! If you have told your friend something in confidence and never heard it from anyone else, that’s a great sign of a true and trusted friendship. Friends confide in one another, and we can tell our innermost secrets, faults, and sins without fear of them telling others. If you feel like you can tell them anything and have not one bit of concern they’ll tell anyone else, you have a true friend, and they are such a blessing
  2. They stick with you through thick and thin! If you’ve been through some real adversity and it seems everyone else blames you for your troubles but not your friend, that’s a true friend indeed. A friend in need is a friend indeed, and if your friend comes to you while they’re in a hard place and you do the same for them, you have a real friend there. Even when all others forsake you, your true friend never will. Hold onto that friendship with all your might. 
  3. They don’t judge you. The truest of friends will tell you the truth, but they won’t judge you for your faults. If they’re honest, they must admit that they, too, have faults, so they won’t be too quick to judge you because they know you well enough to understand that it could happen to them, too. A real friend will give you the benefit of the doubt.
  4. They listen without interruption. A real friend will let their friend finish their sentence without interrupting. They’ll just sit and listen and wait for them to finish what they are saying. A true friend doesn’t interrupt, and they let the person say all that they need to before they say something themselves. No one wants a conversation hog where all the talk is like a one-way street.

If you have a friend like that… He or she is a keeper!Friends are those you can trust with your deepest secrets. They stay with you in the good and the bad times. They don’t judge you unfairly. Even when it looks like you’re in the wrong, they give you the benefit of the doubt, and they are good listeners. Are you such a friend?

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