Stress relief? Running? Whatt?!

Okay. So I know this blog is based on beauty and beauty products but stress relief is almost beauty. Too much stress on your body can cause acne and weight loss!  Who even wants UNHEALTHY weight loss and acne? Don’t be thinking that if you want to lose weight, you should be stressed out! NO. If you want to lose weight healthily, please diet and excerise.  

Stress can be cause by a multiple of things: school work, a test, a big job interview, a competition, ect. I know stress gets to you (it gets to me too) but don’t always let yourself be stressed out! 

Try to go for a run! Yes.. I said the r word. RUN! Running helps to clear your mind and when you run you will feel more free! It helps to clear your mind because you focus on your breathing and music ( if you listen to it)  

If you know know how to properly run check out this website..

Running helps you stay in shape. It burns fat and builds muscle which everyone want! It’s an easy activity to do. I understand that some people hate running but just try it out and comment down below if you tried running for stress relief?


  • All you need to buy to run are a good pair of running shoes, which you can buy from Dicks or Dunhams which come if a variety of sizes, colors, and brands! 


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