Hey rubies! So I kow that we all get lazy! It happens to me too but that doesn’t mean that we should stop showering or brushing our teeth but it happens! Here are some time saving tips for you! 

  1. Use a scarf to tie up and hide greasy hair! It’s an easy and fashionable solution!  
  2. Shave with baby oil instead of shaving cream! Baby oil makes your legs smoother than shaving cream! That means that you’ll spend less time shaving! YES! 
  3. Couldn’t sleep?!? Use white eyeliner instead of black! White eyeliner makes yourself look less tired and more awake! 
  4. After applying lipstick, dust some powder onto your lips! This helps the lipstick last longer!
  5. Use a tinted SPF to save time! You’ll be wearing fountain and sun lotion all in one! This one really helps save time!   
  6. Old toothbrush? Spritz hairspray on it and use it to keep those flyaway a in place!
  7. Can’t iron? Use a straightener to get rid of wrinkles! So easy! 
  8. Need to shower but in a time crunch? Wash your hair in the sink. What?!? Your probably thinking. Your hair is the first time people see about you. Make sure it looks good. Just spray on perfume for your body and put on deodorant!
  9. Soak your mascara bottle in warm water! This makes the liquid smoother and easier to apply   
  10. Soak cotton swabs in perfume and keep them in a bag! When you need to freshen up, just pull out the bag and rub the swab on my neck!
  11. Didn’t have time to go get your hair dyed? Just touch up your roots with a Q-Tip dipped in eyeshadow!  

    photo via cosmopolitan.com


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