How to rock a bob! 

An oh so versatile bob is perfect for girls who wanna make a summer statement and ( get their hair majorly healthy) 

   Long bob: wash and dry using a blow-dey lotion for texture then curl hair all over and roll into a horizontal French twist, pinning underneath. Use a comb to pull out the top section of hair and let it fall over the roll. Pull out a few longer pieces on the side and most with shine spray! 
Wavy bob: start with  unwashed locks, then part on the side and spritz with a heat protected spray. Use a 1 inch curling iron to create a few large waves. Finish with dry shampoo to add oomph!

The  Razored bob: have a pro trim ends into a razored cut. Apply a thinking spray for body then blow dry straight with a paddle brush! To style, add a bit texture to your palm and then most it with hair spray . Run hands together then use fingers to rub ends for spiky texture! Rad! 


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